Configure SNAP for Removable Media

Because SNAP applications run inside of a sandbox they have different set of permissions.

If you try to browse to a Network share (NFS/Samba) or Removable share (USB/External drive) and Obsidian shows an error “Permission Denied” and you can access the files via file explorer follow the steps below to fix it.

Luckily the great developers at Obsidian have added the correct permissions you just have to enable it.

  1. Open Ubuntu Store
  2. Go to installed tab
  3. Find and open Obsidian
  4. click “Permissions”
  5. Enable “Read/Write files on removable storage devices”
  6. Close out of Ubuntu Store

You should now have access to browse removable media.

To learn more about Snap and it’s security features please see Interface management | Snapcraft documentation

Snap sucks. Really. Nobody should ever have started using it.

AppImage or even Flatpak are much better formats.

Don’t want to start a fight. but your post doesn’t improve the conversation. It’s like you are saying snap sucks therefor people shouldn’t know how to configure it.

Do you mind elaborating why AppImage and Flatpack are better. My understanding is that Obsidian has plugin system that is heavily supported by community plugins and even to enable that you have to click through 2 screens to allow it. Snap permissions were designed to sandbox the application. This helping a rouge plugin not able to expand past what it was specifically told.

I don’t know a lot about Snap vs. AppImage vs. Flatpak just saying that seems like a good feature and once you understand why and how to configure the snap applications it’s not that bad.