Configure Markdown or Wiki-Style Links Manually

I already found a topic that asked for the exact opposite of what I’m asking, so I realize this may be a silly question. But I would at least want to try: Config for wikilink style or markdown (expanded) style

So again, sorry if this is a silly question, but since this feature seems to be default now, can this be turned off?

So as of 0.8.11, wiki-style link [[Target]] get auto-reformatted to [path/to/Target](path/to/ that always results in markdown style links.

Now I get why one might want to have that, but is there a setting to change that? I think the [[Target]] style is more compact. Or if this is more markdown-compliant and we should always the []() style links, can this be changed to not automatically insert the absolute path in the link name, only the note name without path? I know I can setup to use shortest or relative links, but that only seems to apply to the actual link, not the link name. I think the other way round would be much more sensible.

Oh, this is embarrassing. I just found the option. In case anyone else wonders, it is in:

Settings -> Editor -> Use Markdown Links

If you don’t use markdown links, then the “Shortest Possible Path” Option works as expected.

So I guess the remaining thing would be to see if this settings should be changed when Markdown links are used.

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