Configure alternate highlight syntax

Is it possible to use a different syntax for highlighting text in Obsidian?

I use both Obsidian and DEVONthink (DT3) on the same collection of .md files. I extract a lot of information from my library in DT3 as .md and explore connections and create links between the content in Obsidian. Linking between the .md files works the same (I enable Wikilinks with the [[ ]] setting in DT3) and all of the Markdown formatting works as expected except for the highlight syntax.

In Obsidian, highlighting is demarcated like this: ==highlighted text==
In DT3, highlighting is demarcated like this: {==highlighted text==}

I have not been able to find if there is a “standard” means of marking highlighted text within Markdown (neither GFM nor CommonMark include it in their specs). Would it be possible for Obsidian to include a configuration option to use a custom begin / end marker for highlighting? The user could then specify {== for begin and ==} for end for use with DT3, or any other configuration for other Markdown apps that they may use.

Thanks for considering this. If there is another workaround that resolves this problem, please let me know.