Conditional template not working

I am not a coding expert and I found this conditional template on youtube but it doesn’t work for me. It supposed to present us with the list of options from this file when the template is summoned. I cannot even play with it as I don’t understand the code. Can anyone help to revise code below please? It was written for previous version of Obsidian (like 8 months ago) so it might be a version issue:

<%-* const list = [“shoulderPress”, “sitUps”]
type = await tp.system.suggester(list, list) %>
<%-* if (typ === “shoulderPress”){%>log:: <% tp.file.cursor(1) %> - #shoulderPress #log/exercise/gym - :weight_lifting_man: <% tp.file.cursor(2) %>
<%-* } else if (type === “sitUps”){%>log:: <% tp.file.cursor(1) %> - #sitUps #log/exercise/gym - :weight_lifting_man: <% tp.file.cursor(2) %>
<%-* } else {%>log:: <% } %>

Thank you

You need to install and enable the Templater plugin, and I’d recommend reading its documentation.