Concurrent/simultaneous access to "clouded" vault from multiple machines

Searched through old forum posts here but cannot identify an answer to my issue; maybe I’m using different terms for thngs from what others have used describing the same situation.

What I’m trying to do

Recently created a new vault which sits out on iCloud as my platform of choice is the Apple ecosystem with desktop and latop Macs, iPhone and iPad. I want to access the vault from any of my chosen platforms. However I don’t seem to be able to open this new vault concurrently/simultaneous on the Macs. (Until I can do that I haven’t investigated the iPhone/iPad versions of Obsidian.)

Things I have tried

Tried opening the vault on my two Macs at the same time and updating one copy but the changes are not propogated to the other machine. I have to close Obsidian on one machine before any updates to the vault become visible on the other.

Am I overlooking something obvious or is the actual lack of concurrent access to this vault (and potentially others) going to prove a showstopper?

I really do not want to have to remember to quit out of Obsidian on my desktop Mac when I go mobile with my laptop. As I’m migrating stuff from Apple Notes where concurrent access works like a dream I don’t want the lack of it to become a nightmare in Obsidian.

Had time to play with this again. Just as well I did. The culprit is iCloud Drive. The latency involved is horrendous even though the source machine is wired to a Full Fibre Conneciton hub and the destination machine is using WiFi to the same hub. Sat there watching iCloud Drive’s wheels of doom. Took a good 10 minutes for the source to finish its side of the sync and then a further 10 minutes for the destination to finish too. Badly sluggish. And by the way the only thing that needed synching was Obsidian and that for one MD document of no more than 300 bytes.

If anyone knows how to kick iCloud Drive into working faster I would love to hear from you. Perhaps a magic terminal incantation using the defaults program to change some timer.

I noticed (as did others) that running a VPN may cause these delays. Often, ‘killing’ the ‘bird’ process (in Activity Monitor) will resolve things. But I am not 100 percent certain that this doesn’t mean some risk of data loss.

Not running a VPN here. Maybe there needs to be more activity to kick iCloud Drive synchronisation into action.

Although thinking about it synching photos between devices appears almost instantaneous.

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