Conceptual vs Detailed reference notes

By following the material I read about how to write notes in a ZK, the examples are commonly on notes containing concept ‘thoughts’ or ‘ideas’, linking them to each other.
But what about very specific notes, like ‘git worktrees’ or ‘inheritance in python’.
I don’t even know how to name those kind of notes (any idea on how?), but their contents would be just like what you can find in a reference book.
So the question is if are that kind of notes good candidates to live in a ZK or not.
Being not conceptual, I think they are not so likely to be linked to other notes outside its main topic (in this example, Git or Python).
Could anyone shed some light this matter ?
Thank you all folks !

(The only knowledge I have of ZK is from reading this forum, so consider this a general comment about notes, rather than one specific to ZK please!)

To me “git worktrees” feels more likely to not have many links, but if it is about how I set up “git worktrees” on my particular system, a useful reference that I would look back to regularly. (I have read a blog post that someone made on this topic to serve that purpose for themselves! Thanks, RSS feed!)

On the other hand, inheritance is an interesting concept in programming language design/use, and in software development. I could imagine linking a note about inheritance in Python to ones about inheritance in other languages, or about software development best-practices, object-oriented design patterns, or documentation, or… It seems hard to predict what notes you might make in the future!

Another thing to consider is what kind of output you want to be able to construct from your notes. If you want to write about how people use “git worktrees” in different situations, you’ll probably have a lot more notes on the topic than I imagined above! If you might have your notes with you and no internet access while doing some software development, you might be very happy you had a note about it! If you want to write about some very different topic, maybe notes about git and Python are clutter. I don’t know! Do you know?

(Again, this is a general notes and not a ZK perspective. Hopefully the many ZK experts on the forum will also chime in!)

So yes, that’s clearly an example of a ‘conceptual’ note.
I was wondering more about a note detailing the topic itself, like the text you would find in a reference book, but using my own words.
So for that kind of notes (‘reference notes’ maybe?) I’m afraid to be just replicating text books, and generating a lot of notes with information that is already in other places (conceptual notes could at least come from my own thinking)
So again, I wonder if such ‘reference notes’ are valuable or if for that kind of knowledge is better to just go to external sources (reference books, articles, etc)
btw if there are better names for ‘conceptual’ and ‘reference’ notes, please let me know :wink: