Compressing images in the Assets folder to reduce its total size

Hi Everyone, I’ve been doing a bit of house-keeping and maybe my experience can be a help to others.

I work with a lot of images, I find it brings my Obsidian files alive and I’m a visually oriented type :no_mouth:. My assets folder was growing in size and I decided to explore compacting it, as I store Obsidian in Dropbox (free) via Cryptomator.

Specifically, I’m thinking about future-proofing, and I needed to explore my options preventing it from becoming too big. Here’s what worked:

I found Caesium Image Compressor on GitHub, (also on FossHub), I chose the portable version for Win10 and it worked brilliantly.

Here are some results in summary and details:

231101-18.58.36 -1

231101-18.59.27 -1

I tried compressing the larger of my images a second time, and it didn’t really achieve much. I suspect it doesn’t just ‘shrink them down’, it removes lots of bloat. as that bloat was already taken out, there wasn’t much left to remove, the second time around.

Note: I backed up my Assets folder, in case I messed up. It turns out the software did a reliable job at batch-processing, but better safe than sorry.

Now that my Assets folder is compressed down to a third of the size, I feel more relaxed about including images, without having to worry about it approaching the Dropbox 2GB or so limit, I’m a lot more relaxed about adding images freely.

I made a note of when I did the image compression, so in the future I will only add images from that date onwards.

Have you done something similar or with different software? Is this any use to you?

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Your graphics files are very large, likely more than the width of a note even on a high res display. Scaling the graphics down can cause a significant further reduction in storage needs, with a hardly perceptible loss in quality.

If the high resolution graphics are as such valuable, you of course should maintain an archive copy of the originals.