Compressing images in the Assets folder to reduce its total size

Hi Everyone, I’ve been doing a bit of house-keeping and maybe my experience can be a help to others.

I work with a lot of images, I find it brings my Obsidian files alive and I’m a visually oriented type :no_mouth:. My assets folder was growing in size and I decided to explore compacting it, as I store Obsidian in Dropbox (free) via Cryptomator.

Specifically, I’m thinking about future-proofing, and I needed to explore my options preventing it from becoming too big. Here’s what worked:

I found Caesium Image Compressor on GitHub, (also on FossHub), I chose the portable version for Win10 and it worked brilliantly.

Here are some results in summary and details:

231101-18.58.36 -1

231101-18.59.27 -1

I tried compressing the larger of my images a second time, and it didn’t really achieve much. I suspect it doesn’t just ‘shrink them down’, it removes lots of bloat. as that bloat was already taken out, there wasn’t much left to remove, the second time around.

Note: I backed up my Assets folder, in case I messed up. It turns out the software did a reliable job at batch-processing, but better safe than sorry.

Now that my Assets folder is compressed down to a third of the size, I feel more relaxed about including images, without having to worry about it approaching the Dropbox 2GB or so limit, I’m a lot more relaxed about adding images freely.

I made a note of when I did the image compression, so in the future I will only add images from that date onwards.

Have you done something similar or with different software? Is this any use to you?

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Your graphics files are very large, likely more than the width of a note even on a high res display. Scaling the graphics down can cause a significant further reduction in storage needs, with a hardly perceptible loss in quality.

If the high resolution graphics are as such valuable, you of course should maintain an archive copy of the originals.

Thanks, I’m not sure why they’re so big, I mainly do screenshots of the subject and post them in. Maybe I can tweak my screenshot tool.

No, I might have pasted in some originals rather than screenshots.

Many thanks!