Compound Search: Tag(s) and PDF text

I’m trying to solve a search problem in obsidian. I have moved some notes containing PDF attachments from Evernote to obsidian. In Evernote I can combine search constraints containing tags and some text from the PDF in the same search and it works. In obsidian, the same type of search doesn’t work because the tag is in the markdown file and the PDF text is in a separate attachment file. They are connected by a link, but they are treated as two different files and the search will never find both things at once. Any suggestions?

I should have mentioned that I’m using Omnisearch for the PDF text capabilities and that works perfectly. And Omnisearch has no problem finding the tag text as well. As I said, the main problem is that a single search will never find both things as they are in separate files.

A search like this in Evernote would work as the note and attachment are treated as a unit. “tag:mytag myPdfText”.

If I can get that functional in Obsidian I think I could fully replace Evernote with Obsidian.


In my workflow, I do not rely on information in PDF and Docx files. I don’t even use attachments like that.
I process relavant information in notes, using a Zotero – Zotero Integration plugin workflow.

  • It is what I’ve seen people around here usually do, actually.

Then when the text is in your vault, you can perform all kinds of operations on it.

The upside is that by actually reading and processing information one can half memorize it already.

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