Component Beside Text

Is it possible to create a component that sits beside the text (but not in a new pane)

Ideally these components would scroll with the editor, and could be created multiple times per document

I’m not sure where in the docs/other plugins to start looking to be able to implement this and would love to get a suggestion for a starting point!

A codemirror 6 gutter extension should work, but I don’t know if one can make content appear on the right side with it.

I once tried (and researched) on making a div float next to the other text. I found the correct markup, but it stranded due to Obsidian partially loading and unloading parts of larger text.

I’m imagining you’ll run into the same kind of issue, unless you attach some javascript or other means to actually make it stay loaded related to the note when it normally would be unloaded.