Complete tag from drop-down menu with Tab key?

We can use the Tab key to autocomplete the links between [[ and ]]. But we cannot use Tab with the tag autocomplete menu.

I think that behaviour is counterintuitive. Since the tag list and the file list both perform autocomplete, they both should respond to the Tab key as well.

Thanks for listening. :slight_smile:


Seems like a small and useful feature. +1!

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Another discrepancy is that auto-completing tags adds an extra space at the end, whereas auto-completing links does not. Personally I never want the extra space, but if others find it valuable I think it would be nice for this to be a customizable setting.

you can use ‘enter’ key for both as a workaround.

I propose to use the Tab key for autocompleting til the / (slash) in subtags. Sometimes I have many subtags depending on one tag and it’s cumbersome selecting it with the arrow keys and press Enter, it’s easier to write a few words then autocomplete / write a few words then autocomplete / and so on.

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Is this still something that’s being considered? I think an option to use TAB to autocomplete tags would be great. Helps me with muscle memory from Sublime…