Compiling segments of notes into one file

There’s a project I’ve been keeping notes on in my daily notes. At some point, I’d like to extract just those parts of the notes and put them into one document, like a history of the project. Any ideas?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

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One way is to try to summarize the project as you see it from the now, then use links to those pieces as support for the exploration. These could be created using certain words (as pretty links) within your summary connecting to new notes where you curate collections of the relevant pieces within specific contexts, or even using similar summary methods recursively, or directly embedding headings from those daily notes. And if the daily notes aren’t delineated with headings, either add them or use block references.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I often make this same process harder on myself by becoming more concerned with having the past notes do the talking and it ends up obscuring the true newfound message, which may be more important than its history.

Good question and good luck luck! Thanks!

Thanks, I’ponder your suggestions and give it a try.

If it were me (I’m no expert) I would create a header over that portion of the daily note and then in a “project log” note and I would embed that header into a kind of master log note.

Better yet, I’d put my project notes into the project log note first (with a header that’s descriptive or has a date), then embed that header of the log into my daily note.

Thanks. My Daily Notes already have a section for the project. Not quite sure how to do what you suggest. An example?

If your daily note has:

\# Project status 11/18/2021
{text here}

Then you can create a Log Note in the project folder and embed those sections into it:

![[Daily Note#Project status 11/18/2021]]

And the text will show up in your log note.

Or do it the other way around. Write your master log as one note in the project folder. Then embed it into a daily note that day. That’s what I’d do.

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