Compile tag mentions in one document?

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Have a vague use case idea, anyone have some ideas on how best to do it?

I have been doing a “gratitude practice” in the morning - just jotting down a few things I’m grateful for (it does seem to help me put things in perspective!). One thing that keeps coming up is my husband.

I’m thinking of compiling all these little mentions of him for our anniversary this year.

Things I have tried

Searching by tag. Also viewing in graph view.

What I’m trying to do

Is there an efficient way to compile mentions in one place/note?

So looking into this more…

Instead of a tag, I made my husband’s name a backlink, and am using Dataview on his wiki page to show all the notes where his name is backlinked.

Is there a way to show the snippet of the text where the backlink is used?

What I’m using on his wiki page:

  # Backlinks

    list from [[name]]

You can show snippets of notes with embeds, but I’m not aware of any way to use those in conjunction with the dataview.

The dataview is really neat. I imagine features like this to be the future of dynamic note content, as you’re describing.

With relation to tags, specifically, there is also this feature request: Add RoamResearch-style #tags == [[tags]]

Found a solution!

On my [[Husband]] wiki page, I have an embedded search query:


And when in Preview mode, all the notes with his name linked will show up with the option of expanding the context.

Thanks to @ryanjamurphy for the suggestion over on Discord


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