Comparing Video Embedding Options

Things I have tried

Various Code Options and plugins.

What I’m trying to do

A simple way to embed videos that will allow me to set a size or fluid/responsive and not autoplay. Comparing the below options from iframes to plugins, what do you recommend and why? Looking for the easiest and fastest way to create a journal and quickly drop in a video w/o too much complication.

this works great

I’m looking for something easy like how I embed photos


but I understand if it’ll be a little more complicated. :slight_smile:

video trial and errors

I’ve played with various embedding options for video coming from smugmug. The problem I’m getting is that I either get black bars around my video or it autoplays even though I delete that “allow” function.

The most simple and best result so far has come from this code:

<video src="" controls></video>

and this works the best, except I’m not sure how to control the size. This doesn’t autoplay which I want.

I have tried the most complex option from this forum post., using a CSS snippet, but I can’t get it to NOT autoplay and it doesn’t appear to be responsive.

I’ve tried iframes with size and % but often get these black bars.




I’m not sure if there’s something wrong with the above codes w/ the extra “>”

I’ve also tried plugins like “File Path to URI” and “Ozan’s” but maybe I’m not really understanding how to use them.

Thanks for any advice!

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