Comparing different tools ... Obsidian, RemNote, Notion, GoodNotes

I want to create a database where I can track my projects, consultants, outcome/files, tasks, status, next steps (for incomplete projects) and invoices (for completed projects), satisfaction surveys (for completed projects), consultant based notes/remarks for every project. Furthermore I want to quickly assess which consultant is suited for which project based on their skillsets, competency and experience.

Sounds like a combination of ClickUp and Obsidian might do the trick for you :). It will require some time to learn and set things up though. And, it’s not text-based only. (If I come up with a text-based only version, I will let you know. But for now, maybe this post will still be interesting for you)

ClickUp can handle all of these:

  • calendar for each project
  • multiple steps
  • reports/exporting done tasks for example
  • handle/track invoices
  • projects
  • tasks
  • next steps/milestones
  • surveys (each answer of the survey is transformed in a task)
  • many functions : dropbox, google drive, onedrive integration, handles pdf, images, docs, various comments and custom fields on tasks; has gantt charts and timelines, and many many more features. You can also comment on each task/project, mention someone from your team, see which tasks are assigned to them, etc

Use Obsidian to track

  • Broad overview of projects
  • Your knowledge about each of your employees and their skillsets
  • a history of the projects they worked on (but this is easy to generate from ClickUp I think).

It’s a similar set up I am thinking of for my projects, as I learned about Obsidian recently, and have been using ClickUp for more than two years. Like Obsidian, I sticked to them because they are the most innovative team/project management app, full featured, and they keep improving and adding features add an incredible speed. You can customize ClickUp however you want. They also have a few tutorials and detailled use cases.

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In regards to comparing tools, check out the Athens Research created comparison of networked note taking tools here:


ClickUp is awesome


Can we rename this thread to be a pluging idea or start a fresh one with the actual plugin idea?

GoodNotes has spaced repetition built in now I believe. I use Obsidian and Neuracache together as well.

regarding database functionality, there is also option to integrate Obsidian vault with graph database which might be more flexible for constantly evolving content without fixed scheme and facilitates recursive queries, compared to relational database.
Initial step is done here: Semantic Markdown (v0.3.4): Visualize and Query your Obsidian vault in Neo4j!


Also a longtime ClickUp user here (work coding projects).
But I store all coding related notes (specs, Agile reviews, …) in their homebrew “Docs”.
Could you give us more details on how you integrate Obsidian .md files within ClickUp?

Yeah! that would be helpful, @y.h - I am also a long time user of both Clickup and obsidian.
But I find the friction for documentation in ClickUp significant so I keep returning to Obsidian.
But then I find all my documentation/minutes/notes etc, leads to task creation… which I’m now quickly doing in Obsidian – which seems easier with things like #dataview and #tasks in Obsidian.
So now, I’m not managing anything in ClickUp.

How are your workflows going in respect to ClickUp/Obsidian?

I am tempted to ‘have a go’ at a ClickUp plugin for Obsidian…

I also switched to doing everything in Obsidian using the “Tasks” plugin!
This works really well. To organize tasks by project, I include a link to the project’s note in the task itself. It’s a bit cumbersome because it’s one thing you have to remember to do. However, it makes it really easy to embed/query all the tasks for a specific project by requesting that the description contains the name of the project.

The only con is that I would not know how to make this work for teams. Perhaps by using a shared vault and git?

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