¿Cómo me muevo entre las ventanas de obsidian con el teclado?

Things I have tried

I have looked in the obsidian options and also in the documentation and I can’t find anything that helps me with that.

What I’m trying to do

Move from one window to another with a keyboard shortcut.

Do you mean moving through tabs?

Ctrl+Tab: Moves to the right
Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Moves to the left

No, I mean moving windows, tabs effectively move with what you mentioned. A new window is created with Ctrl+Shift+n I want to be able to move to that window with the keyboard

Pane Relief will let you jump across tab groups and focus on a tab (up to 9 easily) using alt/optn+1~9. Give that a try.

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Thank you very much, although I find it surprising that this shortcut does not exist natively in obsidian

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Yeah, it’s bizarre that the native cmd/crtl+1~9 only works with tabs in one tab group. Halfway there.

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