Community Plugins Filter

Use case or problem

I’m going through Plugins quite frequently, to check if there’s (new) cool stuff that I could implement.
Because of that, I stumble across the same things all the time – also over plugins that I definitely never-ever intent to use.

Proposed solution

Implement the feature to “hide” or “dislike” or “mark as read” or something for community plugins. And add this to the filter/query bar. Where “show installed only” also is.

Current workaround (optional)

Painfully re-reading things, that I’ve already checked-out - and then moving on to the next. (just to find out I’ve had that one too) and so on…

– M

Please search before making a new Feature Request.

See this existing thread, and make sure to like it: Please make it easier to find community plugins

There is another existing thread about sorting/tagging installed ones too.

Closing for duplicate.