Community plugin settings file (data.json files) should be in external folder

I use Syncthing in mobile and windows. When ı delete some plugins in my phone, there is conflict then all my settings also in my desktop was deleted also. So ı had to reinstall all plugins before close the windows obsidian.
The idea is "Community plugin settings file (data.json files) should be in external folder, so ı can easyly sync my community plugin’s settings (data.json files) without sync my installed community plugins (.obsidian/plugins folder). So now, ı can delete or disable some plugins my obsidian mobile. In conclusion, my obsidian mobile app work faster and there is no big issue happen when conflicts happen.

I am also using syncthing an you can easily exclude files and directories from syncronisation:

To ignore this file, you have to create an text file named “.stignore” in the root of the synced folder.
On this file you can add your files and directories you do not want to be synced.

For example: To ignore files data.json, thumbs.db and all .ini (e.g. Desktop.ini from WIndows) the file contets would look like:


Now this files will be ignored by syncthing.

I think this would be the perfect solution for you.

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