Commercial license for 3 or 5 years

Hi, just found your app and love it, great work!
Would it be possible to have a commercial license for the duration of 3 or 5 years?
That is more convenient in large organisation with approval processes.

Hi, thanks for your feature request!

Does your company need approval for each renewal? As far as I know many companies only need to approve it during the initial adoption.

Hi Silver, yes it would. Basically this would go through the expense process (as long as Obsidian is not on the companies standard apps catalog). As the expense would return each year, it needs yearly expense approval. The amount of the one-time expense (50,= or 250,=) is less of an issue. So, a long-term approval would be more convenient (also reducing the risks of someone rethinking the decisions in one of the years to come).

If we were to use it, we too would want something similar for the same reason.
A division wide tool is, once approved, always approved.
But a large amount of specialist tools, or personal tools, need to go through re-approval of every transaction.
Paying monthly subscriptions personally and then getting reimbursed every 3 months is the lowest friction way, with the risk that one day you won’t get reimbursed.

I think this is actually a fairly common issue.

Hi @Silver, in January i have to renew my license.
Would be great if a 3 or 5 year option was available. Did you give this a thought?
Btw. v1 is great, especially the tabs. Really like Obsidian.