Commercial Licence Users Management

Hello, I would like to get some information about commercial licences.

I clarify my need and understanding so far:

  • We are a consultancy company of 5+ people/users, each one building common and shared elements/notes/articles… In order to build together some deliverables (books…)

  • We would then work on private vault for each user as well as some shared vaults

  • I moved from Personal to Commercial Licence to have ;several people / seats (starting by 2), I thought this would allow me to deal with multiple users, and creating a user by seat and having them connecting to shared vaults.

However, now that I do have a commercial licence for my account, I can’t find where to ‘activate users’. Is this the case? Can I create users?

In other words: if I want to have 2, 5, 10 users sharing to work the same vault, how to do?

  • They all use the same account/password… (question about account safety thus) and shared vault…
  • They have each one a user distinct account, and thus how to connect the shared vault? I don’t see how distinct people with different account can access a shared vault.

Sorry if these questions seem too basic… I couldn’t find these answers on the forum with a quick glance.
Thank you again

The account is only used to purpose licenses, once you have a key with 5 seats, the next step is the send the same key to all the users.

They can activate it by going to Settings - About. No need for them to create account at all.

Thank you Silver!

So my option to really share vaults between different users, is to have :slight_smile:

  • either a GoogleDrive shared between us?
  • either a Sharepoint folder shared between us?
    Right ?

Indeed, as I understand so far:

  • iCloud is reserved for my personal usage (apple userid)
  • Sync function is linked to my Obsidian account, right?

Thanks again!

Sorry for the reply, yes your understanding is completely correct.