Comments on the side of notes with Obsidian GitHub Comments

TL;DR - Star on GitHub or leave a comment here to show interest. This plugin is just getting started and is looking for feedback and funding! GitHub Sponsorships and/or Patreon later.

Invite people to comment on your notes

GitHub: NimbleNexus/obsidian-github-comments

After adopting Obsidian over a year ago, and spreading it to family, friends and teammates, we constantly find ourselves in situation where we’d like to get quick feedback on a note before it becomes a full document.

Our solution at Nimble Nexus[1] is to share a vault on GitHub and use comments on the side of a commit to leave feedback, either with or without a Pull Request. This runs into all the obvious issues, such as formatting or links being broken in the GitHub interface and difficult to read in VS Code.

Read more about the features and development plans for obsidian-github-comments on GitHub!

We’re committed to build this plugin for ourselves, and we’re looking for other people who have the same needs, for feedback and to shape this into an awesome resource for the community.

We’re funding the whole thing out of our own pockets right now (2 people working full time on this and other projects) so we’re inviting you to help fund the project, to make it sustainable!

  1. Nimble Nexus is me and a friend partnering up to solve knowledge base problems using AI. We’re just getting bootstrapped, and if you’d like to chat more about AI and the applications we have in mind, DM me or email [email protected]! ↩︎


I’m very much interested in this. As well as storing my vaults on dropbox, my vaults also have code and I use github to store the repository. I’ve found that storing the “.obsidian” directory can be problematic, so i have that “.gitignore’d”. But this means that the vault itself isn’t stored or accessable on my github project, only the notes. I push the changes to the source code from within Visual Studio but not the hidden vault directory.

But this plugin would allow someone to leave comments on my notes. Hopefully those would be visible within obsidian when the vault is open?

Yes, and you can respond and resolve them right from Obsidian. The required setup is to fork the notes and open the folder as a vault in Obsidian.

Of course, once we get this working, I think we can make it work with notes on Obsidian Publish as well. That way you can just share a link to your notes and get comments directly on the page! (This is possible in the theory. Haven’t actually tried it yet.)

PS. Have you tried committing your .obsidian directory as a set of workspace defaults?

Recently posted a design doc for the MVP and an early work in progress Pull Request.

I’m developing this “with the garage doors up”, so to speak. :smiley:

It’s starting to shape up! Devlog Oct 27, 2023


Quick update: the MVP for this plugin has been completed last week and we’ve been using this in our team for the past week! If you’re interested to give this a try, please let me know, and we can have a BETA testing build soon!