Comments hidden in edit mode - can't diagnose

Starting at some point in the last few weeks (maybe v1.5.1?) my %% comments have been hiding themselves in edit mode in my main vault. I do not see this behavior in a sandbox vault. But, I do still see it in my main vault after disabling any CSS snippets and systematically disabling all community plug ins, one at a time.

When I turn on line numbering, multiple lines get collapsed onto one. I have to go to another line and then arrow to the comment line (and any lines between comments) to get them to show up. See the image below that shows lines 8-9 are combined, and so are 10-11 and 12-13.


If I go to line 7 and right arrow to line 8, the first line of the comment is expanded…


But I have to go line by line to get each line of the comment to show up…


I’ve reached my limits of being able to diagnose, so I am reaching out if anyone else has any suggestions. Like I said, I don’t think it is a general bug because comments work as expected in a sandbox vault, so it must be some other plug in or setting I have that I can’t isolate.


I should also add that I use the Spaced Repetition plug in, and the HTML style comments it generates also have the same behavior… although the combined line numbers remain even after arrowing onto the commented line…

Turns out it is from the Ultimate Todoist Sync Plugin. Removing the plug-in fixes the problem.

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