Commenting and Wordcount


A could of related feature additions.

  1. When writing, it’s useful to be able to quickly add comments around a few words or a block of text, (maybe this could be a plugin?)

  2. Option of having the commented text not counted in the wordcount



Having a robust comment system would be nice (especially if doing any collaborative work).

In the mean time you could look at these two options:

Inline Comment structure:

You can use comment structure similar to html comment format to make inline comments. Anything in the comment isn’t rendered. They do count toward wordcount however.

Typing this:

Bob walked quickly <!-- find a better verb for this --> to the window

Will show this in preview:

Bob walked quickly to the window


You can use standard footnote syntax to make footnotes in your text. They also count toward word count.



Is there a shortcut or a method of quickly adding the html comment tags, rather than typing it all out?

Pity commented out text is counted in the word count - would be a nice feature to have an option not to be included.

Not through Obsidian I’m afraid, you can however use a text expander like espanso to do it.

Hi, I have a similar feature request. As a creator of a note I want to share it with a Reviewer, the reviewer should be able to comment the note in plain text (addition, deletion, subsitution, comment, highlighting). The commented note then needs to be rendered accordingly in preview to show the comments in a user friendly way (eg. strike-though when deletion, new text highlighted green in an addition etc.)
I think - seems a viable Syntax, I think only rendering and templates would need to support that.

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I wasn’t aware of critic markup. I’m checking it out, thanks for sharing it! Looks amazing

Was thinking about this today. Now that Obsidian has templates, you could create a template for a comment or footnote.

The other option depending on your use case is to use tags for comment types. Many people (myself included) will use tag to denote actions needed or current status. A tag of “TODO:” or “Expand” or “Rough Draft” allows you to use the tag pane and find all of your “todo” items.

Especially with how the search function supports the “path:” keyword you could also limit tags to within a certain folder or folders or exclude folders.

Hope this helps.