Commands on canvas

I don’t understand why shouldn’t be possible use commands in the canvas. For example i have some commands/hotkeys to quickly modify text in a certain way, and i can’t use them in the canvas cards.
I think this is a necessary addition to the canvas, since i guess many like me would like to use this feature more

Please give some more details. What commands or hotkeys aren’t working for you?

For now, I’m moving this to Help.

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For example, using the cMenu plugin, i have a bunch of commands-hotkeys to paste some specific html tags like this one to colour the text

<b><font color=#FCF601> text here </font></b>

and these will apply in a note in the same way one would press ctrl+B on some selected text to make it bold.
So these plugin’s commands, as well as commands from other plugins, won’t work on the canvas mode as hotkeys nor from the ctrl+P list of commands

Could this be related to you not having an active edit view of either file? Would it work for you if you clicked on either of the cards, to get into edit mode, and then hit the hotkey?

Disclaimer: I’ve not worked with canvases that much, but I see this type of issue elsewhere when issuing hotkeys on reading views of files.

Of course i encounter the problem while editing the card

Not all plugins have adapted to being used from within Canvas. So for your example, I would recommend filing a bug report with the cMenu plugin so that the plugin author can fix it.

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