Commands from specific plugins are not available - why?

Hi everyone, I am a newbie to obsidian and currently try to get started structuring my note taking system…

I installed the Tasks community plugin and checked the hotkeys menu to see what commands have been added. There are two plugin specific commands available:

  • Tasks: Create or edit task
  • Tasks: Toggle task done

However, when I open the command palette and searched for “Tasks” I do not get any hits. If I scroll down the command menu I cannot see these two plugin specific commands.

I restarted obsidian and I also checked that the plugin is activated. I further reinstalled the plugin but I cannot find the plugin specific commands in the command palette.

I am wondering if I am missing any essential step? Any hints are very welcome!

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I found the reason why these commands where not available. Maybe this helps some other newbie…

The commands provided depend on the view mode. I was in reading mode and therefore some command options where not available. Changing to editing mode fixed the problem and all command options where available.


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