Command to reload Obsidian

Use case or problem

When debugging an issue with a plugin, I often find myself closing and reopening Obsidian. It would be great to have a restart command (like the VSCode “Reload Window” command) to do this quickly.

Proposed solution

Add a “Reload Window” command to the command palette

Current workaround (optional)

Click X to fully close the application, re-launch Obsidian from OS

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Hi @anstosa, try using Ctrl-R – that causes Obsidian to reload itself.

@Craig how about on macOS? Ctrl+R doesn’t seem to do anything on my system (nor Cmd+R…)

CMD+R works for me.

What version of Obsidian and macOS are you on?
I’m on Obsidian 0.10.6 and macOS 10.14.6

Doh, I figured it out. I had ⌘R bound to “Reveal active file in navigation”. When I turned that off, ⌘R does indeed work for me. 0.10.8, OS 11.1

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Just a heads-up, if anyone else like me is still looking for this feature:

To me it seems like the default hotkey Ctrl + R has been taken away in some version of Obsidian (I’m running 0.12.10). It’s quite logical to disable this feature by default, as you don’t want to accidentally hit a hotkey that reloads the whole application. If you need this feature, go to Settings → Hotkeys, type reload to the search field and then you’ll find Reload app without saving and you can assign a hotkey to it.

Or another way: In the editor, press Ctrl + P (maybe Cmd + P in Mac?) to open up a list of commands, then type reload and select Reload app without saving. This reloads the app immediately, without assigning a hotkey to it.


You should be able to verify your keyboard shortcut by going into Obsidian settings and locating the menu item “Hotkeys.” Then type “Reload” in the “Filter” – At this point you can either view the existing keyboard shortcut or create a new one for “Reload app without saving” (I prefer CMD-SHIFT-R on MacOS).

This works - just a heads up though for others, at least when I did this, sometimes it messed up the index in Obsidian and it had to refresh it. Not a deal breaker but sometimes more headache than it’s worth

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