Command to Email current Note (body as html export of Obsidian Note)

I would like to be able to simply run a Command from the Command Palette to Email the current Note in html format in an email. There are many times when I take notes, and want to send them to others in my team. Not having this feature seems bizarre to me, as it severely limits the utility of Obsidian (at least for my kind of work).

I tried using a URI along with uri-commands to send a mailto: but that did not seem to pull the content correctly, and only pulls it in as text in any case, so I lose all the formatting.

Can anyone provide some guidance/suggestions? Exporting to PDF, then opening an email then attaching the pdf and then sending is a pain, and doesn’t let others edit the notes. I don’t want to share via publishing, as that won’t work for my application.


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someone else just posted this question on reddit. i think this is a real and common need. shouldn’t need to do multiple steps.


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