Command palette doesn't show all commands

Steps to reproduce

Install enough plugins to have >50 commands.

Expected result

When I open the command palette I should see all available commands.

Actual result

The command palette shows a maximum of ~50 commands.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian v1.1.5

The command palette has >50 commands by default — no need to install plugins.

I’m seeing >50 on Mac and iPad. Do you see the same problem when you turn on Restricted Mode (in Settings > Community Plugins), and restart Obsidian, which disables all community plugins? If not, a plugin is causing the problem. If you still see it, try switching to the default theme if you’re not using it (I’m not completely sure this can affect that, but it doesn’t cost much to try).

Good call! Restricted mode brought back the full list of commands.

Great! So probably a plugin is causing the behavior. If you can’t guess which and have a lot of them to check, the Divide And Conquer plugin may help.

Have you already figured out which Community Plugin is causing this effect?

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