Command palette: Ability to type arguments to commands

Use case or problem

Some command palette commands could benefit from being able to get an argument (aka parameter) from the user directly in the command palette. My idea is that when a user has typed a command, they can then type a special character, e.g. > that tells that the text following that character is not part of the command name (and should not filter the list of commands), but instead an argument that will be passed to the command.

This example assumes that Create new note would be able to support this argument feature.

Also, typing > could filter the list to only include commands that support taking this kind of arguments.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently, commands that need arguments, typically create their own modal that asks the user for a value. Create new note doesn’t create a modal, but it asks the file name by focusing the title field in the editor. That’s not bad, but maybe some other commands could benefit more from this kind of feature.


Totally agree, would love to see this. Things like find for example would just save an extra bit of clicking. If its possible to implement, I think this would be great!

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