Command - Open Folder

Please add a command to open a specific folder.

  1. CMD+P to bring up the command interface
  2. Folder keyword to open the folder
  3. Type and search for folder name
  4. Enter to open the folder with notes.

How is this different to the New Vault command?

Opening up a new vault is opening up a whole new “database” of folders and notes. Vaults are not folders in organizational sense.

A command for opening up a folder within the current “database” or vault is exactly what it is.

Say I have many folders and sub folders and I want to open a folder on Travel to browse my notes in it. I can do this manually by digging into folders or I can use a command to quickly open the folder without digging. The command should also address the situation where there could be multiple folders of the same name. In this case, there should be a list of folders and their path for the user to choose from.

so this command should make the File Explorer visible, with the specified folder selected and open?

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Yes. After you find the folder you are looking for the next step is to open it in the file explorer. - Selected and open.

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The path: search option does the job you are asking for. You can set a hotkey so as to open the file explorer and then click on the search icon and then choose the path which is essentially the folder at first level.

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@Walrux Please correct me but that is not solving the problem:
I understand that I can set a hotkey to open the file explorer. But then clicking on the search icon and entering ‘path:foldername’ will:

  1. not find the folder but only any files in it. It will not work if the folder is empty
  2. from there in the serach results I see no way to open the make the folder visible other than click and open a file and hotkey ‘reveal’ it. This is not only tedious but also not solving @slyfox problem. It will not return any result if the folder is empty.
    I would also welcome and +1 an easy and quick way to navigate to a specific folder in the file explorer, it is needed often.

I would love to have this feature.
It seems like some of us think “folderwise” and often need this current feature and this other one: Allow [[links]] to folders - #15 by ryanjamurphy
I think this is, in my case, because I don’t have good memory and I find easier to remember the folder than the specific note so I miss both features big time.

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+1 as mentioned above path: keyword doesn’t solve the problem OP stated.