Command-left/right should go to visual, not logical, beginning/end of line?

I don’t know whether this falls under “feature requests”, “help”, or “bug reports”, but anyway…

Use case or problem

On Mac, in most apps when you press ⌘← or ⌘→ you go to the beginning/end of the visual line, i.e., those shortcuts only move the cursor horizontally, not vertically. However in Obsidian, these shortcuts take you to the beginning/end of the logical line, i.e., just after the previous newline or just before the next newline. When on a line long enough to wrap, this is somewhat unexpected and makes moving the cursor unintuitive when compared to other Mac apps.

Proposed solution

(Provide a setting to) change the behavior to the usual behavior of having ⌘← and ⌘→ move to the beginning/end of the visual, not logical, line.

Current workaround (optional)

Open Obsidian on my monitor with a 35:1 aspect ratio so that lines never wrap. (That’s a joke.)

Related feature requests (optional)

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