Command/hotkey-toggle for Show line numbers

I love the implementation of line-numbers, and use it to move around vim-style — but not always. Sometimes I want to go into “zen-mode” (metaphorically) and want as little clutter as possible; which Obsidian does very well.

So to be able to quickly turn of the line numbers when I don’t need them, would be great. As a command or even a hotkey.

For now I just leave it on, and turn it off through settings. Its works obviously, but it is a bit cumbersome.


Agreed. Hope it’ll be added to Obsidian. In my situation, If I’m using obsidian full screen, I want to keep the line number showing to navigate via vim mode; If I’m splitting windows and using obsidian half or less space, I’d rather turn off the line number for more content display. p.s., the vim command set number seems not working.