Command for "Show tab title bar"

Use case or problem

I like my Obsidian interface to be very clean. Having the option to not show something unless I need it is helping me concentrate.
The tab title bar is very handy and a great feature, but i would like to have the option to quickly toggle it on or off. Implementing a command that I could then give a hotkey would be perfect for me.

Proposed solution

Add a command for the “Show tab title bar” setting.
Example: “Toggle tab title bar”

Current workaround (optional)

There are various things you could do with a css snippet, but having the hotkey would be the perfect solution.

The Hider plugin has a few commands you could try (if you haven’t yet) until there’s a built-in one.

Unfortunately as far as I can tell it does not have an option to toggle the Tab title bar.
I had a quick look at the styles.css on github and Toggle tab bar is hiding the tab bar at the top.

Thanks for the reminder though. I totally forgot about that plugin and will probably use it now for all the other options instead of my own css snippets.

Well, silly me. I just saw that i can add a command to anything I’ve set up in Style Settings, which I’m already using anyway.

That will do great for me, I still think this should be a built-in command though. I will leave this feature request open.