Command for duplicating file

Use case or problem

I often want to just clone an article and modify it a little.

This is distinct from the template functionality.

Proposed solution

Command called “Duplicate note” that creates a new note (maybe with “(Copy)” appended to the note title) in the same folder, with the same contents, and same file name.

Current workaround (optional)

E.g., right now, I was creating a bunch of references for articles part of a series and would have just liked to be able to duplicate the note.

Doing it manually would require creating a new note, going to the old note and copying the title, then pasting the new one, going to the old one and copying the content, then pasting it into the new one, and finally, going to the previous one and seeing which folder it was in, and moving the new one there.


Another workaround if you use the file explorer: right click the file in the file explorer and select make a copy


Is it possible to assign a hotkey?
ctrl-click is soooooo slooooow!

Thanks. Ex ante for this, and ex post for all the great work!

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Happy to see this request here!
I am sure that file duplication is probably a very common task for many users. I am a excalidraw enthusiast and create a lot of IT diagrams with it. Often they build on each other and I need all variants. Being able to quickly create a copy of the current file would be awesome. This hotkey is really missing.
Thanks & kind regards,


Agree. Would also very much welcome a hotkey or menu item to duplicate a file.

How is Duplicate not already a thing? It should be right next to Move in the menu.

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