Coming soon: Actions for Obsidian (Shortcuts on macOS/iOS)

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:rocket: After a few weeks of foundational work I’m literally quite excited to finally lift the lid on my new app…

It’s called Actions for Obsidian and adds, well, Obsidian actions to the Shortcuts app on macOS and iOS. If you want to better integrate your note taking with Obsidian and your other workflows, I think you’ll enjoy it.

Check it out @

Promotional image with the text 'Actions for Obsidian: Useful new Obsidian actions for the Shortcuts app on macOS and iOS. Bridge the gap between your notes and your workflows' next to an iPhone

Beta coming soon, sign up for the mailing list if you’re curious. Or just follow the app’s Twitter account, @actionsdotwork. I’d appreciate either or both. :wink:

If you have questions, let me know! I’m here. :vulcan_salute:


Looking forward to it, what kind of actions can we expect?

@CindyAutista Creating/ updating/ appending/ prepending notes & daily notes, for starters. Searching and replacing in notes. Searching for content, getting search results out, that kind of stuff.

I’m starting with the basics.

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