Combining vaults later?

I currently have two vaults that feel very isolated to me, content-wise. However, that may change in the future.

If I want to combine vaults later, is this possible? Or maybe a better question is: If I copy the note files from one vault location to another at a later date, when I open up the “combined” vault in Obsidian, will the newly transported notes still have working links?

Yes—just don’t rename files outside of Obsidian because links won’t be updated.

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Make sure you read the cautionary thread on nesting vaults, but also know you can safely pull the folders from one vault into another. As @JonathanBuchh said succinctly, “Yes.” This is because it is the links in .md files that connect the individual notes within a vault. When you bring in the folders, they’ll find each other.

Here’s the link if you need it:

Make sure to note that nesting and combining vaults are different. Nesting is having “sub vaults” while combining is moving files into one singular vault. Let me know if you have any questions :smiley:


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