Combine Zotero with Obsidian (Jump from pdf to Obsdian's note)

In Obsidian 0.8.15, you can use URL scheme to jump to specific note.

So I share a geek way to achieve something interesting with you.

First of all, I am using pdf X-change editor plus, Zotero, Quicker(a software like autohotkey but has a GUI)

Jump from Obsidian to pdf

  1. Select what you want to save in Obsidian.
  2. Copy it and use pdf X-change editor plus to get the file path of what you are reading, capture its zotero’s library parameters(like G78UAI9B) by using autohotkey or any software you want.
  3. Get the page number of the text you selected.
  4. Then insert the library parameters & page number into the link(like: zotero://open-pdf/library/items/G78UAI9B?page=9).
  5. You can make similar text like follow.
  6. Paste it in you obsidian note. Ctrl+E, You could jump from your note to pdf now.

Jump from pdf to Obsidian

  1. Get the URL link of your note.
  2. Add a web link to the text you selected in your pdf.
  3. Paste the URL link of your note in it. Click it, you could jump from pdf to your note now.

PS: If anyone find a better way to do these, please share it with me. Thanks.
PPS: The official website of Quicker software I use is, and its free version does not require login, so you can try to use it.
The script I use is:

  1. pdf to OB
  2. OB to pdf

Sorry that I didn’t add a English translation to their introduction.

A geek gif as follow:


Um…this is Awesome!!!

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indeed. This is awesome

This is nice!

How to get the links to your item from Zotero best practices - #57 by argentum

You’d still need to change the action to open-pdf and add the ?page=9 but maybe that helps those who don’t know how to get the item ID or don’t want to buy pdf X-change editor plus. Zutilo probably supports only copying the item ID as well (have to check the settings).

In case it helps, there’s also a workflow to extract and export notes from Zotero to markdown:


Oh, your solution is awesome!

Wow, pretty nice! :ok_hand:

What’s your opinion on reading papers as PDFs vs HTMLs? I see how PDF feels more like something because it’s a file that can be downloaded, saved locally, forwarded via email etc, compared to just a link.

However, “philosophically speaking”, I would like to see more of a world in which research is published online, optimized for digital reading (two column pdfs just make me sick), with a version history, interactive figures, embedded code and more!

Instead of everyone downloading PDFs, you could highlight directly in the HTML using for example to grow your library, with local notes that directly link to the online version of papers / articles / all sorts of web content.


HTML can just be a file. Handled easier in some software, less well in others. There are always ways of saving HTML as PDF.

A big advantage of PDF is that it’s easily exchanged and was designed as a final, non-editable print equivalent. And many programs are designed simply to read them.

Depends what you are looking for.

I think Pdf could be saved anywhere I want to, but also HTML could be downloaded if I need it. So the reason that decided why I prefer using Pdf is that I have many scanned e-books which are large and could only be saved as Pdf. So choosing Pdf is not based on what I want or like.
However, download the content and save it locally because I can also use Obsidian retrieve them or use filelocator to retrieve them.
But some web apps also supported achieve stuff online and retrieve them online.
So just choose what you want until you want to scan books… :sweat_smile:

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Sorry but does your solution require me to buy pdf x-change editor plus?

Hi there, I am still wondering if it’s necessary to get pdf-x-change editor to replicate this.


I believe that you need it to add the obsidian link in the pdf. I recommend you check out Zotero best practices if you only want to add links in Obsidian to your notes

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I think you could use any pdf editors that allow you to add hyperlink to achieve my workflow. Or you could simply use @argentum 's workflow to make your life feel easier.

I read PDFs and HTML interchangeably, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to highlight/annotate them interchangeably. As for opinion or preference, I don’t really go either way since I can’t control who will publish in which format; I’ll need to carry on with both.