Colorize items in the File Explorer

description :

colorize files & folders in the File Explorer pane using the right click menu (or keyboard shortcuts)

benefits :

visual organizational layer. It helps to quickly identify items in a long list, it visually groups items by color, it can complement tags.

possible extensions / automations :

  • auto-colorize by file type (.md / .png / .css / .pdf …) or by filename (if file starts with XX, …)
  • auto-colorize by tags (if the file features tag #imporant, #todo, #done, etc)
  • auto-colorize by date (recent files are green, older files are purple, …)

references :

QTTabBar custom color by filetype

XYPlorer auto color by date (the circles on the left + green highlight)


i am looking for a way to colorize empty .md files.


auto-colorize by tags (if the file features tag #imporant, #todo, #done, etc)

This would be very helpful. But perhaps Obsidian can do this natively, without the need for a plugin, by simply adding the file’s tags to the CSS selectors? :slightly_smiling_face:

This would be awesome!