Coloring the nodes in graph view based on backlinks

I have a node called “Data Types”, which links to a bunch of other nodes like “int” or “String”. And I want these nodes to be colored in graph view based on the fact that they all have a backlink called “Data Types”. So I think you can add a syntax supporting backlink filtering in Graph Setting – Group.

You can do this by using groups already. Groups simply take in a search query, so search for mentions of the note you’re looking for backlinks from.

E.g., [[Some note]] will colour only notes linking to “Some note”.

Maybe I didn’t state it clearly.
Suppose I have a note called [[Data types]] that only has the following content:

(suppose these two notes are empty, so the only links are from [[Data types]] to these two notes.)

What should I do to color [[int]] and [[String]]?

file:int and file:string

I mean, what if I have 20 such links

I don’t think you can actually color links to non-existing files coming from a specific existing file.

You can color all non-existing files, but the “backlink” to Data types doesn’t really exists before the files comes to existence.

Another way to explain this, is that for the coloring through groups to work, you need to be able to a general search for these files within the search pane in the left pane.

There has been some feature requests to allow for searching for inbound and outgoing links from a given file, but I don’t think they’ve been implemented (besides within Dataview queries, which is useless for graph coloring)

Thank you. By “empty”, I don’t mean they don’t exist, but just that there’s no link from [[String]] to [[Data types]], etc. But thank you for meaning the Dataview, I’ll see if that can achieve my purpose.

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