Colorful Tag 1.2.0! Add extra info for tag

Hey guys, I have released Colorful Tag 1.2.0 ! This update add tag detail for each tag, now you can add some extra info for your tags! Wish you enjoy it!


Wonderful work!

Where are the tags’ extra informations stored?

Would it be possible to store them in the YAML? This would be a wonderful way to emulate super tags in Obsidian, since we could see and edit these properties with DB Folder, Projects and other plugins. It would be super clean too, since we could keep the YAML hidden, but interact with it through the tags when we are editing the page.

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Can somebody simple explain how to use the plugin. I’m from Netherlands and don’t understand how to use.


nice idea! i will try to realise it in next few weeks


I like this one!It’s great for someone don’t familiar with css and easy to manage tag style but can it provide a color selector to get color easy?

In 1.3.0, I add a color picker

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This feature has been implemented in 1.3.0

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I tried to use this plug-in. I think, It is hard for me…
Global Setting doesn’t work and YAML doesn’t work either … sadly…

Can you write YAML? I Tried it watching github but It didn’t work.

It is too easy to use. Now I have 34,556 tags. Too many? :grin:

Hey what happened to this? The github is read only and it can’t be found in the community plugin search.