Color text foreground

I want to select text and then right click, and have option to choose foreground color of text.
Like plugin highlightr have, but it’s doing background color.

I checked topic, but instructions are unclear from discussion what I should do. I tried putting snippets, etc, it just confuses me more.
For such basic feature, why it’s so complicated to make it even work, while at same time, there is support for background color of text but not foreground ?

Doing <font color="yellow">text</font> make it work. But how I can make it more accesible ?
When I select text I want to color, and right click on it, and color is changes, i.e. it inserts that tags around that highligted text, so I don’t have to put those tags manually.

To have multiple colors, rainbow (from red to purple… ), like every other editor should have ?

Obsidian is a Markdown note-taking app, not an app focused on colorful fonts (or page layout, etc). While you can do those things, they are not its focus or what most users are looking for, so you’re going to have to put in some extra work for something like this.

I try to avoid having HTML mixed in my notes unless necessary, but for sure, there are times that call for it or it would be useful. I often use the great wrap with shortcuts plugin for quick wrapping of text in whatever you want. :eyes: Give it a try :eyes:

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