Color Label Notes (or Folder) in File Explorer

Hello! Search in the forum but apparently no luck!
I think it would be quite useful having a way to colorize files or folders on the fly, maybe through a control-click menu, in the file explorer. Graphically it could be rendered like tag pills and it could be very useful to color-code notes to identify specific statuses as, for example, in Devonthink or other PKM apps.

EXAMPLE: I’ m now processing 3 files and have to stop. But I want to have a visual glitch tomorrow (or whenever) to remember me what I was doing and see it faster in file explorer. Maybe I want to label one note in RED (deadline!) another in orange (processing) and a third in green to remember me I have to change metadata…
Here ( there’s an example plugin to color folder text so it could be possible to color not text but the background and to apply also to files but…unfortunately I’m not able to develop myself, somebody interested? :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you try supercharged links? It works in the explorer

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Hello mara-Li, I took some time to look at supercharged links plugin but I didn’t understand how to set it up to get colored file or folder background in the explorer; maybe I don’t quite understand how… :thinking: