Color Groups for the Backlinks Pane

Use case or problem

Currently it’s only possible to set colors for groups of notes in the Graph View, but there are no similar options for the Backlinks pane (or in-document block).

A group coloring feature akin to the one in the Graph View would be great for us who use the Backlinks pane more often than the graph. It would enable us to quickly distinguish types of linked notes (by tag, folder, Dataview field, etc), and maybe even group them in the pane.

Proposed solution

An implementation of filters for coloring groups of notes in the Backlinks pane. It’d also be interesting if the colors applied to the in-document block.

Example of what it could look like:

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Good idea!

There would also be benefits from letting a hue and its shades correspond to the various headings within the current note that the backlinks link to.