Collating all random Spanish words I have on daily notes

Hi, I am currently working with some Spanis colleagues and come across certain Spanish phrases etc. that I write down in the scribbles section of my daily notes. For example

## Scribbles

Blah blah blah

biblioteca means library in spanish 

I now want to have another note that collates all these notes from all over my daily notes, for example

# All spanish translations

biblioteca means library in spanish 

What is the easiest way of doing this? Is dataview the plugin to use? If so, how would I use it?

What is your criteria for locating the phrases you want to include? Are there any tags at all?

Is it all phrases from the Scribbles heading, or just some of them? How do you think to separate out the phrases you want?

I can put them as tags, sure, but how would I do this? I want only the one line of the document to show up in, not the entire document

## Scribbles

Blah blah blah

biblioteca means library in spanish (#language)

This doesn’t make such the line show in though does it?

The best variant would be to use something like:

spanish:: biblioteca means library

That would be easy to pick up and collate into your using dataview.

Or possibly:

spanishToEnglish:: biblioteca | library

These are called inline fields, and are a way to add metadata to a file which are easier to extraxt than “random” sentences. See Adding Metadata - Dataview

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