Collapsing headings: How do you tell it to 'stop here' or 'Don't collapse empty lines after text but before the next heading'

Things I have tried

  • Collapsing it normally
  • Adding more lines
  • Adding spaces in the new lines

What I’m trying to do

I want to collapse headings but still keep 2-3 blank lines before the next heading so I can actually type something between the two headings without needing to expand the first one. (e.g. a new heading)

Keeping a line or two of spacing also helps improve readability a bit.

How do you tell the program “these blank lines that occur after all normal paragraph text under this h3 heading, but before this next h3 heading are outside the scope of the previous heading and should not be collapsed”


I found a comment on reddit that suggested adding a blank space before each header to make it so that only text with indents under it count as part of that headers section.

This almost works.

It works but it also breaks checkboxes which require the first checkbox to be unindented. Does anyone know a CSS solution that adds an exception to allow checkboxes to have their first one be indented?

I think what you want isn’t currently possible.

A different CSS solution would be to add extra bottom margin to folded headings.

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