Collapsing heading in Reading mode collapses outdented text beyond it

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create new vault
  2. Create new note
  3. Enter Source mode
  4. Create a heading like:
   Indented Item 1
   Indented item 2

Outdented item

  1. Place the mouse over the heading, see the small down-triangle appear, click it, and the section folds properly: i.e., Indented items disappear, but Outdented item remains.
  2. Switch to Live Preview and do the same thing. You get the same expected behavior.
  3. Switch to Reading mode and repeat the test. Unexpected behavior-- all following items, including outdented ones, are folded up.
  4. If there is another heading following, the fold will stop before it.
    Starting from scratch, what are the steps to make the bug happen?
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Expected result

That the heading line will remain, but only items indented underneath it will fold up in the Reading view.

Actual result

In Reading view, collapsing a heading will collapse non-indented items beneath it.


Windows 10 10944(?)

I don’t see anything wrong. Post a screen recording and attach the file. If you collapse the heading you collapse everything.

For some reason, when I do it today, in a fresh vault, it now collapses the same (wrong?) way in all three modes. Here’s a video of same, as well as the .md used in making the video:

Video file on my NAS (167 Bytes)