Collapsing embeded search results by default possible?


it was asked before here, but the solution was a community plugin. I am wondering if there is another way to do so?

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…Hmm, it might be possible to do something with a CSS snippet, but I think not (and if so it might be janky.l).

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I too would prefer collapsed results in embedded searches. Are there themes that can do it? I don’t want to use community plugins with my current setup.

This CSS snippet will hide embedded search result previews (see Help site for how to use). The only way to view them is to disable the snippet.

/*Hide embedded search result previews. */

.internal-query .search-result-file-matches {
	display: none;

For a slightly less inconvenient way to reenable previews, add a cssclasses property and add that class to the snippet. For example if you use the class no-search-previews then the snippet would change to

/*Hide embedded search result previews. */

.no-search-previews .internal-query .search-result-file-matches {
	display: none;

To see previews, remove the class from the note’s properties. To hide them again, re-add it.


Thank you- I will try that. I don’t like the search preview anyway, it’s too confusing.

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