Collapse the embedded results

I have a global index which has all the titles of my notes tagged with one common tag. I have created a query box in the global index note.


The result:

What I’m trying to do

I would like the result to look more like this:

Things I have tried

I have tried adding css snippets. I have used various css codes. Some gathered via google and others via ChatGPT.
One example:
/* Hide Embedded search header text and icon */

/* Hide the query header text */
.index-query-header-title {
display: none;

/* Hide the query header icon */
.index .markdown-preview-view .internal-query-header-icon {
display: none;

None worked.

How to go about it? Thank you.

Previously I would recommend GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-query-control: An experimental Obsidian plugin that adds controls to embedded queries for this, but it’s currently broken without a valiant half-fix.

I believe this is the feature request thread; give the first few posts a :purple_heart:

I have tried the plugin and also the suggested code within the thread. The BRAT plugin. I may have to re-read the documentation. It wasn’t clear at first. And yes, the link is no longer. Thank you, ariehen.

I have tried the BRAT plugin. I also saw the latest remarks to the plugin. The plugin is simply not working in my Obsidian setup. Argh!!! I will have to keep trying.

arisen, you wrote in some other posts that the plugin worked for you. Must one grab the theme too? I have tried all sorts of ways. Any tips? Thanks.

The plugin half-works with the fork. There are no controls/buttons in Search or embedded search, but the extended syntax works.

You need to BRAT or manually install the plugin, then replace the original main.js file with the forked version.

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Okay, the steps you showed above worked. The new file essentially made the query control obsolete. Great. I now have the title collapsed. Good to go. Thanks you, ariehen. :smiley:

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