Collapse All Only Option

Use case or problem

At some point the Collapse/Expand Folder button changed from being a button I could press to Collapse All Folders to a button that now Expands All Folders and then Collapse All Folders on second click.

I have so many notes though, and I am seeing performance issues every time the Expand All runs.
It’s enough to be an irritation (worth noting that it actually caused my vault to crash while I had some plugins installed; I haven’t figured out which ones yet).

Proposed solution

Can we have a config option to disable the Expand All option? I can’t think of a reason I would ever want to expand every single folder. Ideally I just want a button that I can press that returns me to a clean collapsed all state and then I can expand to the folders I need.

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve started avoiding clicking the Expand/Collapse button which I miss.

The new behavior you’re seeing is a bug.

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