Collapsable headers in dataview results

Hey everyone, new to Obsidian but pretty excited about creating something that works the way my brain does. One area I’m struggling with is styling some results from a dataview query.

What I’m trying to do

My goal is to use the daily note for all of my data input. I’ll input things like tasks, random thoughts, and notes from meetings that I attend. For my bigger projects, I have a separate file called “Project” where I want to collect all related tasks and meeting notes. When I take meeting notes, I’ll create a header with a tag (#project) in my daily note and then bullet point my notes for that meeting under that header. In my main project file, I want to display all of my meeting notes, organized by the date of the meeting. Since this list of meeting notes will fill up rather quickly, I want to be able to collapse each date like a regular header so I can keep the list somewhat clean. Using a dataview query I am able to pull all of my related notes into my project file, but I can not (for the life of me) figure out how to collapse the bullet points by date. What ends up coming over is one long list of all of my meeting notes. I’ve tried scouring the forums and various plugins but I have not been able to find a way to accomplish what I’m trying to do.

Things I have tried

This is my current dataview query on the project page. Note it is setup to pull all items under the header #project:

LIST rows.item.text
FLATTEN file.lists as item
WHERE lower(meta(item.section).subpath) = “project”
GROUP BY link(item.section, as myFile
SORT meta(myFile).display

and this is what the results look like in my project file:

As you can see each date is its own bullet but I want the date links to be headers that can be collapsed and expanded. Any ideas would be great!


Bonus question: If I have a sub bullet item or a task, it doesn’t render as such in the dataview query. All items show at the top level as simple bullet points.

My daily note:


How it looks in my project file:

Any ideas? Thanks!

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