Coding block for aliases just will not work

What I’m trying to do

Get a code block working so I can use aliases.

Things I have tried

I’ve been trying to add in aliases using a code block, but no matter how I go about it, it will not function. I haven’t used Obsidian or YAML before so I followed everything that the guide told me to do, I used the first line of a note under the title, I used the three ` symbols, I used the three hyphen symbols, and I put alias: in the middle with a space afterwards and the word I want to use. I’ve even copy + pasted what was on the user guide and from other tutorials, none of it has worked, the aliases will not link to a note with any of the code I’ve tried. I am so tired and frustrated, and I would really appreciate any help.

  1. Create a file called ‘test’
  2. Copy the block below
  3. Paste AND MATCH STYLE into ‘test’ to preserve line breaks, with the opening three hyphens on the first line (NOT backticks)


date: 2023-07-13
alias: oh bucket, duck it
# End of sample YAML

I really need to find a phrase to rhyme with [[test|oh bucket]]

What are the aliases for this file: ==`=this.alias`==

What is the name of this file: ==``==

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